Miniature Photography

Miniature Photography

Miniature photography is yet another latest trend in photography. The ability to capture large subjects in a miniature form is what makes it stand out. We specialize in capturing happy couples and turning them into miniature creatures in an over-sized world.

We make it possible by cutting our clients off their original pictures and simply putting them in a mini environment before adding an effect "Tilt-Shift Photography" to add miniature macro look. As a result, you will have sweet and surreal picture of a couple in its mini form.

In its simplest form, miniature is formed with two photos one of yours in person and one of your small backgrounds. Capturing miniature photos is a very detailed and complex process.

Our Miniature Photography Process

  • First of all, we will present you with dozens of samples out of which you need to choose one innovative concept.
  • Visit us to choose a background.
  • Then, we will decide a date to shoot your pictures. The meeting and shoot date may be the same or within 15 days.
  • Once your shoot is ready, we will deliver the picture to you as quickly as possible.

So, it takes time. But don't worry! We can make it as accurate as possible with our eye on every detail. What you will actually get is you will be in focus and your objects will look like the way it's the part of the scene.

We have years of experience in performing miniature photoshoot. We have excellent photographers and up-to-date photography cameras and gadgets to make it happen within less time. Miniature photography is the latest and most amazing trend in wedding photography also. So, we can make your event as memorable as possible with our attention to detail and use of unique and advanced tech.